A native of Los Angeles, Ruehle got his start

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cheap nba jerseys LOTTO jackpot won. Congratulations to winner with the numbers 11,13,14,18. This week jackpot 1,500 Kids disco this Friday at 7.30. A native of Los Angeles, Ruehle got his start playing the organ at sporting events in 1984 when he was hired by the Los Angeles Lazers of the Major Indoor Soccer League at the age of 15. Ruehle played the organ at his first NHL game on October 5, 1989 (Kings vs Toronto) at the age of 20. In 1992, after three seasons with the Kings, Ruehle was hired by the San Jose Sharks where he spent five seasons as the organist for the Sharks (’92 ’93 thru ’96 ’97) cheap nba jerseys.