As armor quality improved, soldiers and knights did

“It’s hard to believe. I mean inside you know I don’t feel 39 and have played in my 20th season or whatever, but it is neat,” Iginla said recently. “It is funny when guys on my team, MacKinnon and [19 year old Mikko] Rantanen, you know they are closer to my kids’ age then my age right now.

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Picture this: You look down at that fresh syllabus on your desk, you look at the front page and you think “Geez, that book sounds expensive” you turn a few pages only to be reminded of how long fifteen weeks actually are. You skim through a few more pages and there it is, the course assignments. “Ten? C’mon, that’s kind of excessive” A good professor realizes that after the third or fourth assignment you give in, the quality of your work is just going to decrease.

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