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Congressman Zeldin (R, NY 1) said, first responders bravely and selflessly put their lives on the line each and every day to protect our communities, and our first priority must be ensuring they have the resources they need to safely and effectively do their jobs. From hurricanes to fires, in the most dire situations, the T band spectrum provides critical communication between first responders. Even when cell phones, internet, and electricity cease to function, T band is the last line of defense, and selling off this spectrum would be a disservice to our nation first responders and the millions of Americans they serve.

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All teaching materials and links to the practice audio tracks will be sent in advance. The program accepts students at all levels of ability; advanced students will receive additional material. Students may play any instrument, not only those usually found in a jazz ensemble.

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Does Siri on the HomePod understand Hindi?No, Siri doesn’t understand any Indic language including Hindi yet. With the iOS 13.3.1 update in late January, Apple introduced support for Indian English Siri voices on the HomePod. There is no word on when or whether Hindi support will be added.

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