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Like Norman, Daigle (it feels weird calling her Daigle; she’s still Jennie Finch, the Cy Young of softball, to me) is another wild card. She’s been retired for eight years, but that’s more because professional fast pitch softball is barely surviving than because of her age, 37. Something tells me she has the potential to stick around this show.

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The NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports that Romo “has eyes on the Broncos as a possible destination” if it appears to John Elway that Paxton Lynch isn’t ready and Trevor Siemian isn’t working out. Other options that have been mentioned in the last few week include the Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals and New York Jets. Romo will enter the 2017 season carrying the highest salary cap hit of any player in the league at $24.7 million, so his contract, which has three years left to run, will require restructuring..

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