Human beings are inside the wreck and

“It ain’t about what you know,” says Wells, and most of the people here don’t just know him. They’re familiar with his intimate knowledge of the law, how he’s learned to maneuver through its systems, and how no matter his skill at fixing others’ problems, Wells has never been much good at managing his own. He almost went to prison a few years ago, his marriage fell apart and he lost his business.

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Sports related concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries have grabbed headlines in recent months, as the long term damage they can cause becomes increasingly evident among both current Cheap Jerseys from china and former athletes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that millions of these injuries occur each year.Despite the devastating consequences of traumatic brain injury and the large number of athletes playing contact sports who are at risk, no method has been developed for early detection or tracking of the brain pathology associated with these injuries.Now, for the first time, UCLA researchers have used a brain imaging tool to identify the abnormal tau proteins associated with this type of repetitive injury in five retired National Football League players who are still living. Previously, confirmation of the presence of this protein, which is also associated with Alzheimer’s disease, could only be established by an autopsy.The preliminary findings of the small study are reported Jan.

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