If the Broncos promote Gase or Del Rio

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The biggest issue, of course, is how this affects Manning’s decision about whether or not to retire. If the Broncos promote Gase or Del Rio, Manning might view this as keeping things relatively intact for another Super Bowl push next season. But what if the Broncos bring in a coach from outside the organization and Manning doesn’t feel like starting over? What if Gase also leaves and Manning has no desire to learn to work with a new offensive coordinator?.

The Lions are playing “at” the Falcons on Sunday, except that instead of in Atlanta, the game will be played in London as part of the NFL’s “International Series.” This will be the second of three games in London this season; the first, on Sept. 28, saw the Dolphins drub the Raiders, 38 14, and the third, on Nov. 9, will havethe Cowboys take on the Jaguars.

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