If there is one thing that NFL owners don’t like

“The fight part of it, that’s easy,” Vincent said in a telephone interview in which he discussed the meeting that he and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had with former players Tuesday in New York about potential changes to the sport’s personal conduct policy. “Those are non debatable. You can look at it and tell for yourself.

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5. Nicolas Batum, SG, UnrestrictedCharlotte Hornets A long, athletic guard who is a capable shooter, ball handler and defender, Batum is the kind of player all teams are searching for these days. Like Horford, he’ll be highly coveted. We got that quick one in the beginning of the third period and that lit a fire under them a little bit. Actually wasn going to be on the ice when he scored his dramatic game tying goal with HBD netminder Chris Slater (18 stops, including couple big ones on JSH OT power play) pulled. But he lobbied Sanborn and got his wish..

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