Picture: Tim the Yowie ManThe early 1950s was a time

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canada goose uk outlet Officials don’t call it a touchdown. The clock is still ticking. Does Ole Miss wait for a review? A review doesn’t look like it’s on the way. In fact, every winter this column is asked if it this white streak is the result of a landslide (like the one on Tharwa’s Mt Tennent), or, due to its sudden appearance after a big snow fall, heaven forbid, the result of an avalanche (extremely unlikely in these parts).The answer is neither, it’s actually the remains of an historic ski run hacked into the side of Mt Ginini in the early 1950s for Duntroon cadets eager for some downhill skiing.Ranger Brandon Galpin photographed in 2014 on the Mt Ginini ski run which despite not being used for over half a century, can still be seen from parts of Canberra after a big snow fall. Picture: Tim the Yowie ManThe early 1950s was a time when the powers to be at the Royal Military College Duntroon actively encouraged cadets to pursue outdoor interests with the aim of “providing healthy recreations, and at the same time developing sound personal qualities, including self reliance, good judgement and quick decision, which are important in the training of potential officers”.Regular readers of this column will be aware of RMC’s ill fated sailing club, also part of this extracurricular recreation program, at Lake George. That was sadly abandoned soon after five cadets tragically drowned in a boating accident in 1956.So when a remote mountain hut cobbled together in the late 1940s by adventurous skiers of the aptly named Ginini Hut Club was put up for sale, the RMC promptly purchased it and set about establishing skiing quarters, the extent never seen before (or likely ever again) in the Brindabellas.Adventurous skiers Gus Angus and Bob Sluce at the Ginini Hut in June 1950, a year before the Duntroon cadets carved a wide ski run into the side of the mountain, which can be seen from Canberra after snow canada goose uk outlet.