Restaurants, grocery stores, nonprofits and startups

Copies of wills, trusts and all estate plan documents in which you are designated the executor or trustee. It important to have access to these as safe deposit boxes are typically sealed upon notification of the box owner death. Notice that I suggesting copies and not originals! Because we are often tempted to notate on these documents as life circumstances change, I strongly suggest that the attorney who created them be the repository for the originals to prevent you from accidentally writing marginalia on them.

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The baseball team had 12 games scheduled between Wednesday and April 6, including nine NEC conference games. The softball team had 18 games scheduled in that same span, with eight of them being NEC matchups. As it stands now, both teams would be back in action on April 7, with the baseball team hosting Stony Brook and the softball team visiting UMass..

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Early in my treatment for schizoaffective disorder, one of my doctors prescribed a once monthly injectable. However, at that point I was in denial about my alcohol use which was a very unhealthy routine, making my injectable ineffective. After I gave up alcohol in all forms, I asked to be put back on the once monthly injectable because of the convenience of not having to take a pill every day.

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