Several women interviewed described incidents of

This guy’s a former MVP, he’s played in a lot of big games. So I’ve got a lot of faith in our coaching staff. To try to prepare everyone to the best we can.”. But then he ran into a friend, an agent for National Football League players. The agent had a problem. One of his former clients had lost money in a Ponzi scheme involving Jinesh “Hodge” Brahmbhatt, a Washington area financial adviser who reportedly managed money for more than 70 professional athletes, including former Redskins running back Clinton Portis, before being barred from the industry in 2013.

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The play was initially ruled a touchback and a turnover, but, upon review, Tate was deemed to have scored. Or replay officials. Or the command center in NY.. Several women interviewed described incidents of inappropriate touching and comments from Santos, the former director of pro scouting. Mann, the former assistant director of pro scouting, was accused to sending flirtatious and sexual texts to two former female employees. Many women said Michael, the team’s longtime play by play announcer, made objectifying and off color comments about female employees..

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