So, if you want to get enough energy, you should

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He IS A PUPPY! Who could do that? I knew he was not a Spaniel, his tail was cropped and he had one blue eye and one blue/brown eye. He had to be and Australian Shepard in my mind. He had a white/light brown/brown coat. I teach my patients that we have to at least try, in the words of Dr. Phil, “to teach others how to treat us” and that we have to be assertive and at least ask for what we need. At least at that point they can put their heads on their pillows at night and have some peace in knowing that they tried..

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We can be influencers by being tolerant, compassionate champions for a society that is invested in everyone’s well being. Talk alone won’t do it. As important as it is that they are giving voice to the issues, demonstrations alone won’t do it either.

He hit several records while he was with the Packers including longest running streak for starting. He broke this record by starting ever single game from the time he was added to the team in September 1992 until he retired in January in 2008. This totalled 297 games through a whopping 16 seasons.

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