That first meal, I ate alone in the bamboo garden

So how can you protect yourself? Three words: Ease into it, says Hamner. In fact, before you even throw a punch, take a moment to introduce yourself to the instructor, so that he or she knows you’re new. Many gyms don’t offer beginner classes, and some instructors teach to the most advanced student in the studio.

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You can use your good road bike on these, plenty of people do. Indoor trainers tend to flatten and square off your tires with extended use, so if you do use your good bike then you need to consider this, especially if you run expensive tires. You can buy specific tires for this purpose, but that just becomes a hassle if you have to swap tires every time you want to use your indoor trainer.

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But somehow I was contacted by someone who was looking for a commercial jingle for waffles. So I wrote this song called “Do You Like Waffles?,” and it didn get used as the jingle, but it became this phenomenon on the Internet very early on, before YouTube, with a video that someone made who I didn know. It got millions of views, and kids all over the world knew this song.