The incident occurred at the Madden 19 video game

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wholesale nba basketball The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said that it did not know whether there were additional gunmen and that police were searching the area for suspects. The incident occurred at the Madden 19 video game tournament at the Jackson Landing mall.A live stream of the competition on Twitch showed a red laser dot briefly appearing on a competitor’s sweatshirt before the camera angle switched and gunshots could be heard. The competitor has not been identified, and it’s unclear whether he was hit.Danny Flaherty, a 22 year old gamer from the United Kingdom, said that he heard gunshots and that his “only thoughts” afterward were “to run.”Later, he said, police arrived.”We have been informed by the police that we cannot discuss the information as it’s not a murder scene,” he told The Washington Post.Another player, Drini Gjoka, said a bullet hit him in the thumb.”I will never take anything for granted ever again,” Gjoka wrote on Twitter. wholesale nba basketball

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