The Montreal Canadiens team, organization and it fans

Set WeatherPortland Trail Blazers founder Harry Glickman courtside as the Blazers face the Oklahoma City Thunder in March 2019. “This has to be one of the great historical days in Portland’s history,” an excited Glickman said by phone after getting the news on Feb. 6, 1970, that Portland had been granted an expansion team in the NBA.

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“We have a bunch of guys that are much further along than I anticipated,” Counsell said. “So, I’m not as concerned about that as I would have originally thought when we departed in mid March. They’ve all been throwing on a regular schedule. At Topix, Steve oversees day to day business, revenue operations, and strategic management. He brings leadership and engineering experience from many different industries and software types, including gaming console, shrink wrapped and Internet software. He also volunteers with the local school district and is a board member with a local sports club..

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