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The dress code is easy. Wear stylish clothes. Keep your mom jeans at home or throw them in the poubelle (garbage) before you leave. If you strike your head hard enough, your brain sloshes back and forth like a sponge in a bucket. A brain has a forest of blood vessels, some as thick as cocktail straws, others finer than a strand of hair. When these blood vessels stretch and break, blood and other fluids build up inside the skull.

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9to5Google has accessed this internal Android document that lists builds of all publicly launched Pixels and a few unannounced ones as well. This includes the Pixel 5a that has been codenamed as ‘barbette’. The foldable device is reported to be codenamed ‘passport’ and the other two devices that are also under development are reportedly codenamed ‘raven’ and ‘oriole’.

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